Holistic Healing for Radiant Health


Energy Healing

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Energy Healing works with the vibrational frequencies of the body to purify, balance and energize the body's systems, promoting healing on all levels. This gentle, subtle approach works in harmony with the body, creating profound results. 

Amy is fully present with each client, using her intuitive guidance to discern what is called for in each session. Her tools may include crystals, sound therapy, and essential oils. Energy Healing can be used with all of the services offered at Scent From Heaven. Each session is unique, allowing for what is needed in the moment.

Energy Healing may include aspects of the following therapies:

  • Crystal Therapy using crystal layouts and Etheric Weavers
  • Sound Therapy using toning, Tibetan and crystal bowls and tuning forks
  • Hands on Healing using Reiki and a variety of modalities
  • Aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils

Amy Bacheller, M.Ed, NC, CMT is certified in Energy Healing through Diamond Light School of Massage in California. She is also certified in Magnified Healing as well as advanced levels of Reiki and the Christopher Method of healing with Angels.

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