Holistic Healing for Radiant Health


Intuitive Guidance


Intuitive spiritual guidance is available to each of us. There is a force that is larger than us, call it God, Spirit, the Divine or whatever name you are comfortable with. It surrounds, inspires and holds us in Love. We can connect with this powerful Source for healing, guidance and assistance for anything, no matter how large or how small, any time of day or night. 

There are also realms of the Light who are available to assist us: Angels, Ascended Masters, Faeries and more. Angels are all around us. They are of a higher realm, here to assist humanity. You can invoke Angels in general or call upon a specific one by name. Ascended Masters are available to support us also. They were once in human form, shifting the paradigm of humanity when they walked the earth. Examples are Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Buddha but there are many more. The Faery Kingdom mostly works with plants but they are open to teaching and co-creating with kind-hearted humans. 

To connect with any of these higher realms, we have to ask, believe it is possible, and be ready, willing and able to accept and receive assistance. Answers come to us in many forms, often in ways we least expect. 

At Scent From Heaven Amy offers classes on how to develop your intuition and connect with your spiritual guidance. In private counseling or healing sessions, Amy connects with her guidance to facilitate what is needed for your growth and healing. Amy brings her intuitive spiritual awareness to all of her work at Scent From Heaven. 

Amy Bacheller, M.Ed, NC has been open to her intuitive guidance since 25 years ago when a holistic nutritionist told her, "If you really want to be healed, you need to look at the spiritual side of your life." That statement cracked her wide open and the door has remained open ever since. Amy has witnessed and experienced a multitude of miracles while dancing with the Divine. She has been on an ever-expanding journey that has brought her home to an awakened heart. 


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