Holistic Healing for Radiant Health


Nutrition Wisdom with Medical Medium Protocols

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What you eat has a profound impact on the health of your body. Learn to make food and lifestyle choices that promote radiant health, longevity and increased energy. Be inspired to listen to the wisdom of your body, learning to heal at the deepest levels. With a focus on the importance of whole, fresh foods, you will transform your relationship with food and your body, replacing old patterns with a new awareness to make better choices.

At Scent From Heaven, Amy meets you where you are with acceptance and understanding. She helps to uncover the source of your health issues and how best to promote healing. Together you develop a personal program based on your individual lifestyle, needs and interests, making changes at a pace that is comfortable for you. Medical Medium practices and protocols are included.

Amy works with people of all ages and all health concerns, both locally and globally. She works with animals, too! Appointments can be made by phone or in person at the Santa Barbara office.

Services Offered:

  • Medical Medium protocols to address major health challenges
  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling
  • Classes on nutrition and lifestyle
  • Raw Food Cuisine classes
  • Guided Imagery to address deeper issues
  • Energy Healing for enhanced healing

Amy Bacheller, M.Ed, NC,  is certified in Nutritional Counseling from the American Academy of Nutrition in California. She has done advanced work and study with a variety of teachers in the field of nutrition. Amy has been interested in the ethical, health and spiritual aspects of nutrition since becoming a vegetarian in 1972, vegan in 1990, and a raw food enthusiast in 2007. Amy has intensely studied the Medical Medium work of Anthony William since 2014, both personally, as a client, and professionally as part of an international practitioner support group. Combining this knowledge with her intuitive guidance, Amy helps people to fully heal at the deepest levels.

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