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Intuitive Guidance, Four Week Series, Part 2

Intuitive Guidance, 4 Week Series, Part Two

Dates: October 14th to November 10th

Cost: $88

Includes 5 live video conference calls and a private Facebook group with daily inspirational posts.

Registration Open NOW: contact Amy Bacheller

What:  Intuitive spiritual guidance is available to each of us. Learn how to connect with this powerful resource for healing, wisdom, support and protection for any aspect of our lives. There are different realms of the Light who are available to assist us. To connect with these higher realms, we have to ask, believe it is possible, and be willing to receive assistance, which can come to us in many forms, often in ways we least expect. 

In this four week series our focus is on connecting with realms that share the earth with us: Faeries (week one), the Plant Kingdom (week two), the Tree Kingdom (week three) and the Crystal Kingdom (week four). Faeries, also called Nature Spirits, oversee and assist all of Nature. They hope to co-create, co-operate and communicate with us for the best and highest good of the Earth. They wish to share their powerful wisdom, as well as to teach us how to connect more deeply with the kingdoms of Plants, Trees and Crystals for our own well-being and spiritual growth.

Through discussions and guided imagery meditations, each week we will explore what our intuitive pathways are, how to open and clear them and how to tap into spiritual wisdom from these four realms. Helpful tools, such as crystals, essential oils, books and oracle cards will be introduced.

Why: The Intuitive Guidance Series is offered to teach and empower you to connect with your own intuitive guidance, which is available to all of us through different realms of the Light. This transformational class will inspire you to live your life in a different way, shift your perspective to live an extraordinary life, and help you open to the magic and mystery of abounding miracles.

How: Together we will embark on this journey in a supportive, compassionate group. Five, weekly, live video conference calls are included, with replays available. Each participant can join our private Facebook group featuring daily posts for support and inspiration. The calls and Facebook group are avenues to learn, ask questions and share our experience. A daily meditation practice is encouraged.

Where: This class series is for anyone who feels called to it, anywhere in the world. You will experience the program in the privacy of your own home, playing in nature around where you live, but you will not be alone. You will be in community with your global tribe, supporting you, praying for you and cheering you on.

Who: Your guide is Amy Bacheller, M.Ed, NC, CMT. With over 25 years of experience in her holistic health practice, Scent From Heaven, Amy is certified in nutritional counseling, clinical guided-imagery, aromatherapy, bodywork, energy healing, and as a raw food chef/instructor. She is trained in a variety of advanced energy healing modalities and has had many personal, mystical experiences. Amy has been teaching classes and seeing clients coast to coast from New England to California. Now she works from her home office in Santa Barbara, California. She brings her professional training, personal experience, and intuitive wisdom to all of her work.

Amy has been open to her intuitive guidance since 1992 when a holistic nutritionist told her, "If you really want to be healed, you need to look at the spiritual side of your life." That statement cracked her wide open and the door has remained open ever since. Amy has witnessed and experienced a multitude of miracles while dancing with the Divine. She has been on an ever-expanding journey that has brought her home to an awakened heart.