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Spiritual Gardening with Findhorn Principles


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Join us in the Magic Garden to learn about spiritual gardening techniques, where co-creation with Nature leads the way, inspired by the principles and practices used at Findhorn in Scotland. Commit to grow something, whether it is sprouts in a jar on your counter or an herb garden out your back door. Explore natural, organic gardening practices. Discover how essential oils and crystals can enhance the vitality of your garden. Using guided imagery, learn how to connect and communicate with nature spirits and devas for the health and well being of your plants. Whether you have a house plant or a plantation, you can deepen your relationship with the plant kingdom and learn from its inherent wisdom.  

Amy Bacheller, M.Ed, NC, has been a dedicated gardener since moving to Santa Barbara in 2008. She studies the principles of Findhorn, combined with her intuitive wisdom and experience as a holistic health practitioner, and applies them to her Magic Garden. Through the use of these practices, Amy's garden has transformed from declining to thriving. The garden is forever her teacher.


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